The Pale Ones

Whilst most fear the Haze and see it as a source of death and chaos, others view it as a source of power. Certain wizards have found ways to become living conduits to Beyond the Haze, allowing them to channel huge amounts of energy from the land, as well as to summon and bind its denizens. These wizards are known as Pale Ones.

Most believe it was a rogue mage from the Order of Tyrone that first found a way to draw such energy from the Haze. Such wizards are viewed by the government, the Order and the Church as criminals, though they all vary in how they deal with them. Whilst the Order believes the indivduals who take up Haze magic for reasons of greed or ignorance are “curable”, others believe anyone who takes this path should be excecuted as a heretic. However, those who use Haze magic for the purposes of Evil or malice should always be hunted down, either by the Order or the Church.

Powers that can be gained through the Haze include summoning Dreamlings and affecting mental states, such as causing hallucinations, fear and immediate sleep. Of course, exposure to the Haze does not come without its consequences. The name Pale One is derived from the fact that a mage’s colour is drained from their skin and, unusually, their irises. Mental conditions are affected too. Haze users often act sleep deprived and, at worst, lose the ability to distinguish between dream and reality. They suffer from daymares – dream based hallucinations – and can eventually go completely insane, becoming either a gibbering wreck or a puppet for a powerful Dreamling.

Most wizards are scattered individuals, but there are rumours of a Pale Order with its own agenda that orchestrates the actions of every Pale One for its own devious reasons.

The Pale Ones

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