Most Dwarves live in the Mountain range to the South, known as the Barbs, but many have left the mountains to work as artisans of all kinds in the lower cities. They are isolated creatures, but get on well with the Dwarves due to their history and their skills. Whilst in the Barbs, they are controlled by very strictly held laws and codes, which many take with them to the Human cities, even if they aren’t being enforced. This has caused conflict before due to incompatibility between Rostrum and Dwarven law.

When it comes to the Haze, the Dwarves were once as motivated as Humans in fighting against the Dreamlings; the Vanguard was in fact first built with assistance from the dwarves. However, of recent years they have dealt with the Haze mostly by ignoring it. In fact, within the Barbs, it is punsihable by imprisonment, and even exile, to even mention anything to do with the Haze. They believe this ignorance will help defend against dream attacks, and it seems to have worked. In addition to this, once a dwarf reaches a certain age, they are taught to Deep Sleep, allowing them to completely bypass their dreams and thus never give a chance to access the Haze.

Dwarven cities are mainly built underground or into the sides of mountains, so they are highly difficult to locate if you don’t know where to look. Their fortresses on the other hand extend both high above and down below, allowing them to observe enemy attacks by Derro, Hobgoblins or other creatures and giving them the chance to warn civilian centres.

The government is made up of a council of elders in a somewhat democratic process. However, the current elders have enormous power over the choices of their replacemnts, and thus the council is often made up of a mix of powerful, loyal and above all narrow minded family lines. Religion generally has no place in politics, but Dwarves still have very strong faiths in Heironymous and Moradin – they see it as a source of comfort and solace, rather than power.


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